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"Objets uniques pour la maison et le jardin"

Ego-exclusive.object or how to have fun, to you, around you … or at home.

Ego is an original concept  introducing artists from all continents “from

Montreuil to Lome “, an invitation to travel, a meeting with creativity with a simple click …

To these artists, known and appreciated in their country of origin Ego exclusive.object offers an international window

International and showcase quality.

Ego-exclusive-object is not an art gallery, but a selection, of our favourite , exclusive items, art and  decorative items, original and of the highest artisanal quality.

We only sell unique pieces or limited print, numbered and certified.

We pledge to donate a contribution to humanitarian organizations, serving

children in the partner countries.

Michelle & Bernard



ego exclusive object
Ego Exclusive Objects

Ego Exclusive Objects